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The Saree model

Rug tufted by hand in our workshop in Normandy.

Its round shape and its fringes give serenity and softness to the piece. It is eco-designed in natural material. It invites meditation and contemplation.

Each model is unique due to the color variations of the natural wool and the silk fringes.

Composition :

Natural wool (not dyed) from sheep of local Normandy breeds.

Silk fringes from recycled saris (Indian traditional clothing).

Tufting canvas, linen/cotton canvas made in France, herringbone ribbon.


85cm in diameter

Maintenance :

During the first weeks, excess wool produces dust, so it is imperative to vacuum the carpet well. If some strands of wool protrude it is better to cut them and not to pull on them.

If the carpet were to be stained, it must be cleaned with water and Marseille soap.

No washing machine.